Introduction to SEA3D for WebGL

17th June 2013 - 05:17:27 AM


SEA3D is a cross-platform file format, this is the first public version for WebGL with the graphics engine Three.JS. You can now use the main features of SEA3D Exporter, including Skin, Morph, Multiple UV Channels and LightMap.

Compatibility with Deflate and LZMA

Use the same methods of native compression of the SEA3D for WebGL, including technology for streaming. LZMA is the most recommended because it has a smaller size and low speed difference in loading.

Additions and changes


Include the SEA3D.JS after the load of Three.JS.


Initialize an instance of SEA3D Loader.

Loader Config

You can enter the settings in the class declaration trough of an Object {}.

Parser is the class that applies in geometry. It ranges from the speed and features.
DEFAULT is most recommended for Desktop and BUFFER for Mobiles.


SEA3D also has extension of THREE.Mesh to Morpher.

Skeleton Animation

Keyframe Animation

JointObject or BoneObject

To create a BoneObject just attach a model on the bone inside the 3ds Max.

Getting Assets



Advanced Config

Examples / Download

SEA3D Studio

SEA3D Player

Hope you enjoy.