Creating Custom Attributes from 3ds Max

24th November 2012 - 11:40:57 PM
Learn how to create Custom Attributes in 3ds Max.

SEA3D accept any attribute added as String, Integer, Number and Boolean.
The name of the variable will be the same as the attribute name with Case sensitive.
13th May 2016 - 10:30:47 AM
Nice feature! and I use custom attributes like this?
13th May 2016 - 04:55:08 PM
Hi Easyfrog.


'userData' not instanced attributes in clone of objects.

Compatible only in SEA3D 1.8 or higher.
16th May 2016 - 09:50:13 AM
oh ~ I try this. but show me the is undefined.
16th May 2016 - 11:35:46 PM
I fixed the message sry. Try mesh.props in Lab version.