Sea3D Studio Mac Version?

7th February 2018 - 06:38:42 PM
Hi. I'm still new to sea3d but I'm seriousy impressed and getting into it more and more.

I just visited the facebook page of sea3D and noticed about "sea3d flow" mentionning that sea3d studio would have a mac release.

Is this still ongoing? I'm sure I woudnt be the only one happy to get positive news about this.

Thanks in advance!
10th February 2018 - 04:43:12 PM
Hi Wonka.

We are collaborating to Three.JS to replace the current material system to node-based for the release of SEA3D Flow. (node-material in core)

Creating a Mac version is not very hard but probably we will see the Flow release first.
11th February 2018 - 11:49:04 AM
Greetings sea3d,
Awesome to hear a mac release is still possible.

...As much as I was excited when implementing sea3d in my three.js app which reduced my loading time to a third, I felt a little unlucky when deciding to integrate sea3d with my workflow. Not only do I work on mac but I am a maya user as well!

Sea3d Studio and 3DS Max are both windows-only softwares, it leaves mac users quite envious of the asset creation workflows available on windows

...Which is not a deal-breaker since the web version is very capable and bootcamp provides a way to access the tools if needed, nevertheless I feel sea3d could benefit to be opened as wide as possible, and it very much deserves to gain popularity among developpers on my opinion. ...Producing lightweight assets suitable for the web does not come out easy and so far, to me you seem to have resolved a problem I'm sure a whole bunch of three.js devs still have. In fact, I'm just asking you a big "Please!" in name of the mac users, and why not Linux, while I'm still here!

...While the native app would mean heaven, the wait would'nt exist as much if what 'fantome' proposed on this thread would turn out to be real:

I allow myself to bring back that suggestion since a command-line tool converter would surely fill the needs of pretty much everyone's pipeline.

...I bet it wouldn't take that long for members of the sea3d community to share their custom plug-ins wrapping the converter in a custom plug-in for their 3d software of choice . I would certainly give it a go for Maya.

Anyways, this is all awesome work. I'm following with excitment the steps to come; I had a quick look at the sea3D flow preview on and this is all very promising stuff. This is all very unexpected! Just for info do you have a release date on the horizon for flow?

12th February 2018 - 04:33:58 PM
Thank you! Your suggestions are much appreciated.

The command-line conversion is in our script unfortunately we are still in a few people so on of the main reasons for the delay.

I dot not want to risk a date for the Flow release now I think it will be this year but I can say have many things done. This will also depend to reach a point in common with threejs team otherwise some features can be completely changed.

In parallel we have new project to release in the next months about character creation.