Morpher animation not supported on Three.js?

16th October 2017 - 10:32:50 AM
I got this warning in Three.js:
SEA3D: Unknown format "mpha" of file "Teapot001". Add a module referring for this format.

Morpher animation working good in Studio but I can't make it play in 3JS. Does that warning mean morph animation not supported yet for Three.js? Can you update it?
Download teapot.tjs.sea 16.42 kB | Open with SEA3D Studio
16th October 2017 - 11:14:04 PM
17th October 2017 - 01:56:54 AM
Wow, lightspeed! :D It's working now, thank you!
17th October 2017 - 12:36:48 PM
You are welcome! :)