3DS Max 2018 Sea3D Exporting Error

10th August 2017 - 07:01:53 PM

I am getting an error on exporting a model from 3DS Max 2018 using the Sea3D exporter.

'No ""get"" function for undefined' and the code execution stops on 'on _forceAnm changed s do' (line 8303) of SEA3d.ms.

It throws the error regardless of having animation enabled or not.

Please see attached screenshot.

Any assistance at your earliest convenience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
11th August 2017 - 04:08:18 PM
11th August 2017 - 04:27:27 PM
18th August 2017 - 07:16:37 PM
Excellent. The code update worked. There are only a couple more issues. 1st, the menu appears to be scrunched up, so I cannot see all of the options on each menu. See attached screenshot.

Also, is there a limitation on the exporter with regard to number of models/size of total polycount? I have a 122 piece model sitting at 196,570 polygons (403,233 tris), and the exporter appears to be hanging. Its been going for 19 minutes now. the Sea3D menu keeps flashing occasionally. the screenshot also shows the progress of the exporter (the cancel button is there, but I can't press it or close it from the X in the top right of the menu. It also freezes up my Max session.

I was able to export one piece of the model just fine and it imported into THREE.js perfectly.

Some models have the turbosmnooth and meshsmooth modifiers (not enabled at the same time and they do not have them attached to the same model. My experience has been the turbosmooth modifier has issues with compatibility.

Anyway, thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it. Great work on the exporter.

23rd August 2017 - 05:31:47 AM
I am work on the best of layout for the new 3dsMax version.

About polylimits already try disable the Mesh Optimizer option in Utils tab?
I have to find another way to optimize the mesh.

I will do more some tests with the [n]smooth modifiers...

Anyway, thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it. Great work on the exporter.

Thanks you James! I thought it had taken me a while :)