Sea3D older version of the Desktop app

1st February 2017 - 04:31:29 PM

I'm looking for older versions of the desktop, before the .tjs. was implemented to edit some old models. Is there a possibility to download them somewhere?

1st February 2017 - 04:41:38 PM

We do not have olds versions in site, but you do not necessarily save in TJS. TJS is save only if click in File -> Publish -> Preset -> TJS. If click in File -> Save the file is save in standard structure.
2nd February 2017 - 10:05:32 AM
Neither of my attempts to save in a correct format using the web or the current desktop versions work. Any possibility of just sending me a older version of the Desktop app to test it out? Reckon it would be quicker
2nd February 2017 - 10:06:54 AM
Unknown format "info" of the file "Info". Add a module referring to the format.


three.min.js:211 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

are the typical errors when trying to load the model
2nd February 2017 - 04:26:42 PM
The problem must be in the outdated libs. This is working done in several tests here.

Are you using these builds?
2nd February 2017 - 04:30:42 PM
If possible send the file .sea!?
3rd February 2017 - 01:15:43 PM
Possibly, but tested with all updated builds as well without luck
This is the model I'm testing with right now
Download testing.tjs.sea 1.87 Mb | Open with SEA3D Studio
5th February 2017 - 11:23:32 PM
Looks like SEA3D Studio is not considering geometries without UV, in case the mesh "necklace".
I am sending a fix attached with your .sea and the sea3d.js fixed. I will fix this in SEA3D Studio update as soon as possible.



Thanks! - 2.11 Mb