problems of Sea3d exporter

8th December 2016 - 02:25:55 PM
Hi i am trying to export an simple object from 3dmaxdesign2012 design and 3dmaxdesign2015 using sea3d exporter but All went wrong!
info:win7 64 maxExport with default settings to sea3d file
Thank you for any help
8th December 2016 - 02:51:38 PM
Please elaborate that "All went wrong!".
I don't have any problem exporting SEA files from 3DS Max 2012, 2013 and 2016.
9th January 2017 - 02:22:33 PM

I have a dog model exported from max. When I published from old studio 1.7 there were no problem, but the new studio puplished file (in windos chrome test) write this:
THREE.WebGLShader: Shader couldn't compile.
THREE.WebGLProgram: shader error: 0 gl.VALIDATE_STATUS false gl.getProgramInfoLog invalid shaders ERROR: too many uniforms
Download dog_dogrun.sea 665.31 kB | Open with SEA3D Studio
9th January 2017 - 07:54:15 PM
I tested in SEA3D Player ( and work done only by exception of the desync of face with the body but this can be fixed in export.

This seems like a problems of shader or gpu limitation...