SEA3D Studio 1.8 - Desktop

17th November 2016 - 04:14:54 AM

For ease with more efficiency and resources SEA3D Studio will now be Desktop too. Mixing features of Adobe Air, Nw.JS, Node.JS, Java Runtime and Image Magick for creating of Apps(Plug-ins) SEA3D Studio can be a powerful tools for game/web creation allowing greatest creative freedom to the developers.

SEA3D Studio has a new Memory Manager much more optimized, best performace with 4K texture and big geometry and mainly big animations.

To publish options our focus was complete on Three.JS integration, we are targeting the SEA3D Studio for individual asset editor and not Level Editor. To level editor we are creating a new software available soon. Although their features can be used as level editor to medium or small scenes.

App Store

All external SEA3D Studio Apps are now available into the Store, also has a new version validator with automatic update checker. So you do not forget our updates :)

See our list of assets too. We already have 800+ assets available for download.
Thanks to all collaborators


Three.JS Preview

Edit your materials and lights with runtime updates. The new SEA3D Preview allows debugging with Chromium Console and a better Poonya Script integration with Java Script.


You can also use individual libraries such SEA3DNodeMaterial.js that allows a best conversion of SEA3D Standard Material to Three.JS using NodeMaterial.

StandardMaterial to NodeMaterial

Optimize your Asset

Imagine you editing and editing your asset, keep removing material and meshes can leave your assets with geometries, textures, scripts and others list. SEA3D Optimizer make a compilation of only the objects which are included in the World thus optimizing the asset.

Click in Window -> Optimizer to open the app.



SEA3D Studio 1.8 - Windows


SEA3D Studio needs TCP/Socket for communication with NW.JS. Open the TCP/IP local port range: : 53430-53439

I hope you enjoy.
29th March 2017 - 10:41:20 AM
8th July 2017 - 03:39:41 PM
I try to setup sea 3d studio.exe but installer window is blank and I get error
"The driver or UNC share you selected does not exist or is not accesible. Please select an other".
What is the UNC anyway?
10th July 2017 - 10:22:08 PM
This is very strange. It seems like an incompatibility with the network.