about vertexanimation

30th July 2016 - 07:39:46 AM
sir, i want to make sprite sheet which look at camera(billboard with animated texture), just like sample in "using sprite sheets in your project"" in away3d tutorial, if i have add SEAmesh for sprite sheet, textured it with diffuse sprite sheet & opacity sprite sheet, after i exported it to sea file, then coding like away3d example ? can sir demonstrate it if any difference
30th July 2016 - 07:22:06 PM
To create a Sprite3D in SEA3D Studio go to:
Create -> Object 3D -> Sprite 3D

In SEA3D Exporter:
Browse to Sprite tab click on the button Sprite3D.

SEA3D still no support for animated sprites but you can find articles in google about this like this:

What is the relation with vertex animation here?
1st August 2016 - 03:01:43 AM
sir, your tutorial in "How can i control the animation frame-by-frame?"

we can use meshAnm.update(frame * (1000.0 / anmNode.frameRate));
or meshAnm.update(pos * meshAnm.currentDuration);

can we apply this in "VertexAnimationExample" like

var flagAnm:VertexAnimator = sea3d.getMesh("Plane001").animator as VertexAnimator;
flagAnm.autoUpdate = false;
flagAnm.update (0.5 * flagAnm.currentDuration);

but i can't get the flagAnm.currentDuration, can sir demonstrate it ?