Introduction to SEA3D 1.4

30th December 2012 - 12:21:02 AM
What's new in SEA3D 1.4

SEA3D brings a series of new features for creating 3D scenes. Perhaps one of its main innovations is its new animation system which allows the developer to create entire scenes using the same file .sea.

The new version of SEA3D allows vertices animated best system of link in bones, new shaders and a notable optimization.

Now you can install on your SEA3D in 3ds Max

In 4 steps your SEA3D will be installed. The installation process is very easy.

1. Download SEA3D Exporter
2. Run the script (MaxScript -> Run Script...)
3. Click the Install button.
4. Follow the instructions below:

Creating a Toolbar
1. Within the window "Custom User Interface... -> Toolbar" click in "New..." button.
2. Drag the icons of SEA3D into the new toolbar.
3. Drag the toolbar to a comfortable area.

New Animation Sequence Editor (Animation or

The Animation Sequence of SEA3D also received improvements. Now you now select more than one object and also attaches animation sequences with any dynamic object including meshes with textures.

Material Editor (Material or

Many developers have had problems with the creation and modification of materials in SEA3D due to Sub-Meshes system.
For this we create an intelligent algorithm that detects objects have or have not Sub-Meshes materials, thus facilitating the editing of materials in models of the SEA3D in Away3D.

Now it is also possible to create colored materials directly from the Material Editor in 3ds Max.

Something also not so new and unexplored feature is the mixture of materials of the SEA3D, here you can create materials with rendering differentials as for example lights effect and texture projection. To define the blend mode just select a mesh and change the Blend Type.


The new features SEA3D Tag allows you to configure objects independent of the setting's main exporter, allowing more control over the scene and its objects.
Here are two new features Static Object and Vertex Animation.

To create a SEA3D Tag simply select a mesh and click on Add Tag in Geometry tab on SEA3D Exporter.


Now you can create your list of sounds more easily, just putting your sound files in a folder sounds in the same of your file .max.

To refresh the list just click the Update button.

Reflection Shaders

Creating Runtime Planar Reflection

It is necessary to enable the Scanline Renderer to appear of the shader Flat Mirror.
Set to Assign Renderer -> Production to Default Scanline Renderer.

Creating Runtime Cube Reflection

Ink 'n Paint Material



Hope you enjoy.
16th January 2013 - 09:51:45 AM
WoW!! Powerful Flash 3D Engine!
24th March 2013 - 12:39:47 PM
you are the best!
16th July 2013 - 06:37:24 PM
Hi smile
I downloaded the exporter newly, i have a problem that every time i press export bottom
the 3ds max program hang, and the windows of the exporter still work
however, at the end it hang too!
so where is the problem

and another question.>>
when i enabled sequences, i should select all the models and then press add
or each group
that i have 3 groups!!

and i forget!
compress method what does it mean
and what is the difference?

thanks alot smile
22nd July 2013 - 08:46:09 PM
Hi Tom, Dottob thank you very much.

Hi Kinan, we have a few topics related to it.

Exporter freezes.

Compression Algorithm.

when i enabled sequences, i should select all the models and then press add
or each group
that i have 3 groups!!

In any group of object can be added sequence.

23rd July 2013 - 05:37:15 AM

What is this error code mean is Sea3d player
error code: #3670

27th July 2013 - 11:39:22 AM
Hi Kinan.

You could post the questions in the help topic would greatly help in the organization of the forum and time of reply.

Thanks in advance.