SEA3D Optimized to Three.JS (Preview)

26th August 2015 - 04:52:39 PM
A version of SEA3D made especially for Three.JS

After the update of THREE.BufferGeometry can greatly improve in performance of the SEA3DLoader.js and also in Three.JS rendering but only to inanimate meshes and needed convert geometry and matrices for the native library format.

In this update will all main mesh features available in SEA3D to Three.JS done with THREE.BufferGeometry without conversion in loading which greatly performance improves.

You will be able to use Skeleton Animation, Morpher and Vertex Animation.
Keyframe Animation, Poonya Script, SEA3D.js also have notable improvements in the Loader.

How it works

To export is necessary open your file in SEA3D Studio and Publish.

File -> Publish

All SEA3D file comes with the prefix (sign) "S3D" which means our standard of format.
The Three.JS prefix is "TJS", the same is only compatible with SEA3DLoader.js

You will to use SEA3DLegacyLoader.js version for the "S3D" prefix.
NOTE: SEA3DLegacyLoader.js will be discontinued.

Still under development?

This update is based on Three.JS r72 still in development trough of MrDoob, staff and collaborators.
The release of the new SEA3DLoader.js of this version takes place a few days before of the library release.

More news and updates in a few days.

This month we will have the news of the new Collada Importer for Blender/Maya and others can use SEA3D.

I hope you enjoy.

27th August 2015 - 01:24:09 AM
Good Job!~ but we upgrade to threejs r71 few days >_<.
27th August 2015 - 01:22:33 PM
Hi Easyfrog.

Thanks! Still have some improvements to make, the r71 problem is not optimized as r72, many things would be missing.