SEA3D Exporter

5th June 2015 - 03:52:32 AM

The script exports virtually everything that is used in games, including geometry instances, material, textures, skeleton (Skin), camera, audio, animations and multiple individual mapping.


SEA3D Exporter + Examples + Source


The export process is very simple you just make a pre configuration indicating the output file (.sea) and click the Export button your scene will be exported.

SEA3D - Output

On tab (rollout) SEA3D you can modify all outgoing items, including file compression and type of loading.

Compress Method

You can set a file compression for LZMA or Deflate, although the two are nearly identical size as can various types of data entered into the project. LZMA is better.


You can choose to export all items All, only the visible Visible or only the selected Selected.


File Info

At File Info you can put the basics of your project, such as copyright, title and site.



Global tab you can modify the way the SEA3D treated his models, all subsequent resources depends on these settings.

Export Method - Set will be processed as the translation of objects.

Scene Hierarchy

Selecting this option you will be able exported real hierarchy of objects including its animations. (Recommended)

Real Transform

Selecting this option you will get the object root translation without the scene hierarchy. Used only in specific case as optimization process.

Reset X-Form

This option ignored the translation of the meshes just exporting the basic geometry, without regard to the translation of the object. Used only in compatibility problems.



In Animation you can export or not the animations of your scene by clicking in Enabled.


Here you will be able to set the start value of your animation frames.


Here you will be able to set the value of your animation frames.

Export Method

Key Frame - Export only the objects that have more than one key-frame, regardless of position, rotation or scale.

Diferrence - Export only the objects that have real animations. (Recommended)



Texture Coordinates

Checking this option it exported the UV mapping the geometry of the primary channel.

If not check the automatically the program created an UV vertex-based.

Multiple Channels

Checking this option it exported the all UV mapping geometry. Need to be doing is baking[/ b] texture for creating [b]LightMap and DetailMap.


Exported the normal object.

If not check the program automatically created in loading based on their vertices group.


Exports the modifier Morpher and their animations.

Vertex Color

Exports the vertex-color (VertexPaint). This option is recommended only for developers.



Checking in Enabled on Skeleton tab you had activated the export of animation and/or skeleton of any model that contains the modifier Skin option. It accepts both Bones, Biped and CAT.

Bind Frame or T-Pose Frame

Here you must set the frame where the model will be in its default position. Recommended which is the initial position of the mesh the T-Pose.

Offset Position

Checking this option SEA3D had used the Bind Frame as the zero position. Recommended for games.